Alignment Check Features

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The first step to an auto alignment is recognizing the need for one. The vehicle pulls to the left or right, the steering wheel is not straight when driving on a straight road, or your tire tread is wearing erratically. Alignments do not cure shakes, vibration hops or wobbles.

Our alignment check features:

  • Examination of the steering components
  • Examination of the suspension components
  • Assessment of the tires for dimension
  • Assessment of the tires for inflation
  • Assessment of the tires for wear
  • Comparison of alignment to manufacturer guidelines
  • We can also make repairs and replacements

Our alignment check features include an examination of the steering and suspension components, assessment of the tires for dimension, inflation and wear, and a comparison of your wheel alignment to manufacturer guidelines.



Our goal at A Arrow Alignment is to provide exceptional service that will make your vehicle operate properly and last longer. Schedule your alignment check today!

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